Our focus is highly specialized web- and application development. Bridging the gap between enterprise and small to medium business - as a small company, with occasional hired additional experts/manpower, the services bnzk can deliver are broad, but affordable. Focusing on open source software allows predictable, maintanable and cost efficient solutions.

Websites / CMS solutions

Our main workhorses, Django, combined with Django CMS, is a enterprise ready and (fill in whatever)... well, a solution for building about any website you could imagine.

Fullstack Development

bnzk will code, setup, deploy and maintain your application or website. Frontend and backend. We have deployed on, nine.chDivio Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

ERP / SAP / third party application interfaces

We've developed interfaces for websites interacting with various ERP systems. Most of the time, the client doesn't need all the bells and whistles, but a basic and robust solution.

Ecommerce solutions

Building an e-shop seems easy compared to running one. bnzk hast built shops with django-SHOP, but will focus on django-oscar in the future.

Technical SEO

We knows the dos and donts - we can help you achieving a better ranking in search engine results. But wait. What is technical SEO anyway? So. We also do consulting on off- and onpage optimization, if needed. But we'll not promise you anything. In fact, the SEO Basics are easy. And hard at the same time. And some say you shall forget them, once you know them.

Maintenance, Support, Portability

bnzk won't just disappear when your project is online. Having someone to call when things go wrong is essential. And always having an up to date and maintained project is as well - nobody likes to see it's website gone hacked. We will build your project so a third party agency or partner will not throw hands, but gladly accept to take over, if, for whatever reason, we'll go separate ways. 

Design and UX

bnzk is not a design agency. But we have seen a lot of designs and concepts, and we can bring in our expertise, if you need it.

Coding Approach

Strong believers in code clarity and simplicity. If you don't understand it in half a year, it's cruft (not technical debt).