We are a developers, but will speak your language, may you be a designer, or a head of marketing. Or, we will speak your IT department's language. We ar not a web agency - you'll get fullservice, but only for the technical part. As a Django agency, we are well known in Switzerland.

Open Source

From the beginning, bnzk focused on delivering solutions based on open source software. Giving back, we have developed and published a handful of useful open source packages as well - you'll find them right here on github.


bnzk is owned and run by Ben Stähli, surrounded by a network of specialists and fellow developers. Ben owns a bachelor of science in softwaree engineering, plus 20 years professional internet experience. He likes to surf, skate- and snowbaord, and play guitar. Also, a family man.


Ben Stähli started bnzk in 2003, during his studies. Between then and today, he started other businesses, quit again, co-founded cooala in 2012 (and left it in 2016).


Trying out some new protection
Trying out some new protection